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Changing Default Sentences

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We use Blogger data:messages default message form in this theme to automatically change some default sentences according to the language selected in Blogger settings.

You can click this link if you want to know the complete list of default messages in the Blogger library, to make it easier for you, we have compiled some code sentences that you can change to the sentences you want.

Try 'Adventure' - on the search form

You can change this sentence directly from the Blogger Layout menu, please go to Blogger > Layout and you will find a widget with the title Try 'Adventure', change the title to the sentence you want.

Load more posts, no results found - on navigation button LoadMore

Find some of the code below and replace it with another sentence like in the example:


Close - in navigation menus and pop-up menus


Latest Posts - on the list of posts

<!--[ Change <data:messages.latestPosts/> to replace 'Latest Posts' with your special text ]-->
<h3 class='title'><data:messages.latestPosts/></h3>

Read more - on the list of posts

<a class='pJmp' expr:aria-label='data:blog.jumpLinkMessage'
<a class='pJmp' aria-label='your_text'

min read - on the Reading Time feature

document.getElementById('rdTime').innerHTML = maincount + ' min read';

Posted by - on the author's profile

<bdi class='admN' expr:data-text='data:post.author.name' expr:data-write='data:messages.postedBy'/>
<bdi class='admN' expr:data-text='data:post.author.name' data-write='your_text'/>

Share:, Share to other apps, or copy link - on the share menu

<div class='pShc' expr:data-text='data:messages.share + &quot;:&quot;'>
<div class='pShc' data-text='your_text'>
<div class='shH fixH fixT' expr:data-text='data:messages.shareToOtherApps'>
<div class='shH fixH fixT' data-text='your_text'>
<div class='cpL' data-text='or copy link'

You may like these posts, Related product! - in related articles

// Replace <data:messages.youMayLikeThesePosts/> to change Related Posts title
widgetTitle: &quot;<h2 class='title'><b:if cond='data:post.labels none (label =&gt; label.name in [ &quot;Product&quot; ])'><data:messages.youMayLikeThesePosts/><b:else/>Related products!</b:if></h2>&quot;,

Join the conversation - on the comment button

<b:if cond='data:post.numberOfComments &gt; 0'>
<span><data:messages.joinTheConversation/> (<data:post.numberOfComments/>)</span>

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